Discussion on: How to Add Buffering to a Reader / Writer in Zig

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btree • Edited

Thanks, Loris.
I wonder what are the scenarios for using buffered writer / reader. Looks like it shouldn't be always recommended. E.g., when the underlying Writer / Reader already provide a buffer argument at creation time [1], it seems there is 0 performance gain by wrapper a buffered writer / reader on top of it. In fact, it adds additional memory copy which slows things down. Is my understanding correct? Thanks.

[1] github.com/fengb/zig-https-example...

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Loris Cro

If the underlying stream is already buffered then of course adding more buffering will not improve things. One practical example that I've encountered today where buffering made a big difference is when serializing a struct into JSON.

I'm working on a piece of the Zig compiler that reads source code and automatically generates docs from it. The job mostly consists in collecting type information an then serializing it into a JSON file. The original code serialized (using std.json) directly into a File.Writer and took about 10s to do the job when run on the Zig standard library. After the change the serialization step took less than 1 second.