Frequently Asked Questions

Should I prefer Zig NEWS to my personal blog for Zig posts?

No, I strongly recommend you keep control of your own content whenever possible. That said, if you don't like having to choose between having to manually promote your posts or leave them to drift into the void, then Zig NEWS can be a reasonable alternative given that it's a centralized hub with a built-in recommender system. If you're interested in a hybrid solution, take a look at the syndication ingest features that Forem (the CMS powering Zig NEWS) offers.

Is it OK to post questions, like people do on DEV?

I would prefer to keep Zig NEWS posts mainly geared towards exposition. If you have an experience to share with us that led you to a question that you didn't find an answer to, then it's perfectly fine. If you straight up have a question about something, I would recommend using Ziggit, where the people are very happy to answer questions and discuss things. We also have people answering questions on Stack Overflow, if you prefer that platform. Just make sure to add the #zig tag to your question.

What topics are allowed on Zig NEWS?

I don't have a hard list, but you can use the type of topics covered by Zig SHOWTIME as an example. I would expect most posts to be about Zig, but any topic that can be of interest to the Zig community should be fine, even if it's not directly about Zig.
As an example, an article about memory models or a peculiar hardware architecture are 100% on topic even if you don't mention Zig even once. As we move forward I'll add some guidelines when it comes to posts that have commercial ties, as we'll need to find a balance when money is involved, but we're still trying to establish Zig as an industry standard so for now we welcome these posts with open arms (assuming they clear a certain quality threshold).

Why did you create a self-hosted instance instead of just using dev.to?

Dev.to is a big platform that tries to cover a humongous chunk of the software engineering world. Because of that, Zig content must compete with all kinds of other topics to get a spot on its front page. Having a hub dedicated to Zig helps us "decompress" and give more space for less viral articles to be seen and appreciated.

Finally, having access to the broadcast features offered by this platform, I plan to use it also as a way to promote all kinds of Zig-related initiatives by other members of the community.

Shouldn't it be Zig BLOG instead of Zig NEWS then?

Well, this is a collection of blogs, and if you aggregate a good chunk of what's happening in the entirety of the Zig community, then you get what can be reasonably considered Zig news. Also this just happened to be the domain I owned. Any similarity to other orange news websites is purely coincidental.