Code of Conduct

  1. Zig NEWS is meant to be used as a blogging platform, see https://zig.news/faq for more details.

  2. The best opinions come from first hand experience. You need to write Zig code to have an opinion on Zig worth listening to, for example.

  3. The stronger your opinion or something, the more thorough your arguments need to be.

  4. A discussion is only worthwhile if both parties engaging in it can get something out of it. Discussions made only for the sake of debating constitute misuse of the communication channel we're all sharing, and thus are banworthy.

  5. Corollary to [4] and [3]: politeness and willingness to explain yourself is mandatory when interacting with other people on the platform. If you're not in the mood for that, go do something else instead of baiting others into low-quality exchanges.

  6. Don't be afraid to ask questions and clarifications and conversely don't assume everybody always shares your same context and knowledge about a subject. Help minimize the number of misunderstandings and don't be afraid to let others help you get up to speed on the topic at hand.