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Dylan Green Author

These are all really good suggestions!

Funny story: I checked to see if something like your idea for data structure implementations (the easiest option on the list in my opinion) already exists on GitHub, and it's strange..... I found that someone updated an old project with this purpose, that was inactive, for the first time in ages, following this post. I think we're being watched 👀

In all seriousness, I do wonder what the standard library will cover once the project is in the position to make a library that won't risk breaking during language development. If it's anything like .NET, it won't leave anything out haha.

Learning material and common applications and tools seem like my speed most of all, so I'll give it some thought! Thank you!

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Loris Cro

We don't know yet how the Zig standard library should look like, but we normally lean toward lean solutions (no pun intended). Regardless, in a low level programming language like Zig, there's a lot of space for different implementations of the same general data structure.

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The standard library should be succinct but powerful, providing only a common and better solution, and users can implement their own solutions as they need. We don't want it to be bloated, but equally we don't want it to be spartan.