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Yet another request ;).
you have a complex function that returns a result...
there no problem, my problem I would like to be able to put in a "[] const u8" the name of this function... everything is in a console type interactive, there still no problem, how to do without putting in hard the name of the call to this function with a return... i'm doing this in nim-lang

the desired result: the person clicks on the area , and a table is displayed with a choice (a combo).

Maybe I'm confused, the idea is to retrieve the value and what call automatically through a function this function.

var callQuery= Table[string, proc(fld : var FIELD)]
proc TblCountry(fld: var FIELD) =
return fld

callQuery["TblCountry"] = TblCountry

program :
switch ....
val => callQuery[value) here I am getting the requested value and returning the combo choice....
I hope the google translation is clear...

To learn Zig-lang I convert my designer written under Nim-lang I advance well your subjects contributes to it.

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David Vanderson


Does this answer your question? Let me know if I misunderstood.