Discussion on: Try some Beetle Pi: Up and running with TigerBeetle on a Raspberry PI 4

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Loris Cro • Edited on

Looking forward to seeing the performance of a multi-pi setup!

Two comments about the current post:

  • What microSD did you endup using? the sentence is missing a piece.
  • Did you set release mode when benchmarking the hashtable? The snippet doesn't have the flag, maybe that's why the performance differs from the other test.

Oh, final thing: that cover image is amazing, holy cow!

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Joran Dirk Greef

@kristoff this cover image should be in the "how to set your cover image properly on zig.news" best practices guide!

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Lewis Daly Author

Thanks! Yeah I got lucky on the cover image... It's amazing what Google can come up with.

I've updated the post (thanks for pointing out my missing sentence) - I used a Samsung 32gb "Pro Endurance" whatever that means. The good news is that there are some ways to get better disk performance using a SATA to USB 3.0 interface.

Did you set release mode when benchmarking the hashtable?
No! I'll try that in the next few day's and see if I get any better performance. I'm still new to Zig so that didn't occur to me - thanks!