Discussion on: Howto Pair Strings with Enums

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Leon Henrik Plickat

Why not just switch on the error and avoid the enum?

fn errorMessage(error: anyerror) []const u8 {
    switch(error) {
        error.MyFancyError => return "My fancy error happened",
        error.DeviceIsLitrallyOnFire => return "Check lp0",
        else => return "unexpected error",
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Although I personally think it's better to just switch locally at the callsite of the function that may fail, like so:

mightFail() catch |err| {
    switch(err) {
        error.Whoops => log.err("something went wrong", .{}),
        else => log.err("unexpected error: {}", .{err}),
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I am progressing slowly in my study of the "Zig-lang" language, today I see why to implement the last solution.
Ps: nothing better than transcribing a software from one language to another, because we don't care about the conceptual, but about the language.

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David Vanderson

Yes I would normally do that too. The question asked about having an enum that was being displayed in a gui, and switching on the selected value. Lots of great ways to do it!