Discussion on: Writing and Releasing a game in zig

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Jonathan Marler

Wow great game! I just finished the main story (didn't do all the optional "Star Puzzles"). It felt polished and snappy, it was a joy to play.

I have some feedback if you're interested.

  • A few times I accidentally clicked through the dialog and missed some of the story. One idea that comes to mind is a "back button" to go to the previous dialog if you accidentally clicked it? Another idea would be to have some sort of transition animation when the dialog first appears which gives the player time to realize the dialog is coming and to stop clicking the mouse. Maybe this is just a me problem though, sometimes I liked to quickly click the "step" instead of play since I could click through it faster.

  • Again very nice job on the performance! The only time it felt odd was sometimes the animations would "reset" if you clicked "step" too quickly (before the rewind was complete for example). This was a little worse when there were multi-stage animations (like the currents).

I enjoyed the old "VCR button" aesthetic and the trays, the sound effects were great too.

I was also thinking it could be fun to play some of the levels on my next Twitch stream. Let me know whether that would be ok or not and if so how far into the game do you think would make sense to stream (so as not to give away too much of the story/gameplay).

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Samarth Hattangady Author

Thanks so much.

I appreciate your points, and agree with them. I was too far into the project when I noticed them, and decided that it was not worth the effort to go back and fix. I will be keeping these things in mind for the next projects though, so thanks.

Sure feel free. I have no restrictions in that regard, you can show what you think makes the best stream =)