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I don't know how to do that exactly. The closest I could come up with would be to leave the array undefined and use a helper function to fill it in, but that has slightly different semantics since the memcpy is a little more explicit:

fn init_array(target: anytype, items: ?[]const std.meta.Elem(@TypeOf(target))) void {
    const T = std.meta.Elem(@TypeOf(target));
    if (items) |slice| {
        std.mem.copy(T, target, slice);
        std.mem.set(T, target[slice.len..], std.mem.zeroes(T));
    } else {
        std.mem.set(T, target, std.mem.zeroes(T));

var foo: [50]u8 = undefined;
init_array(&foo, "foo");

var a = A{.foo = undefined};
init_array(&a.foo, "foo");
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David Vanderson

Good solution. I haven't seen std.meta.Elem before so I'm going to go read up on that. Thanks!