Discussion on: zbor - a CBOR en-/ decoder

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David Sugar

Hi, thanks for your comment :)

To be honest, I haven't thought about adding extensions so far because my main goal was to work with CBOR data used in CTAP2/ WebAuthn (FIDO2). Due to resource limitations data used with FIDO2 is only allowed to use a subset of the RFC specification (e.g. items with unknown length are not permitted).

To your question: I stuck with the decode(cbor)/ encode(data) api most implementations use. Another approach would be to mimic the JSON api. I want to add serialization from and to structs in the future so I'll probably implement something like cbor.stringify(my_struct, .{options}, string.writer()) and cbor.parse(my_struct, &stream, .{}). I don't think there is an official interface pattern to use at the moment but xyz.stringify and xyz.parse are probably what comes closest. But I'd ask on the discord server to be sure.

Feel free to open a pull request if you want to contribute.