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Roberto Amorim • Edited on

Agreed. I'm learning quite a bit.

To @dude_the_builder now: I noticed you have "autogen" files in the project, which are generated from Unicode specs by some code... which I couldn't find in the project. How did you generate those files, if I may ask?

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dude_the_builder Author

I originally had the autogen code within the Ziglyph repo, but removed it to keep the repo's size small. I was planning on making a separate repo for that, but haven't done it yet. The autogen is done with a mix of Zig ocde, shell, sed, grep, and awk scripts. It downloads the Unicode Character Database files from the Unicode website and a few other files for tests and the Collation algorithm. The plan is to do it all with Zig, but for now the shell, sed, and awk scripts make it really easy to slice and dice the data.

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Roberto Amorim

Sounds good to me. Yeah, having it done in Zig (and generating the files as part of the build process for Ziglyph) would be something really interesting to do, but it feels like a lot of work compared to awk/sed/shell. Thanks for the answer, I appreciate it! Also thanks for this library, it's pretty awesome.