Discussion on: Unicode String Operations

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Stephen Gutekanst • Edited

Really great work on this series and Ziglyph, jecolon! It’s already been super useful for me as I work on Zorex and I’m sure many others will benefit from it and this series of articles well into the future :)

BTW, including the bin files we compressed gets a big +1 from me. I’ve been meaning to open an issue about this, but I think merely providing an option to include them via a comptime variable and having that be the default (so one could still fallback to loading via a file or perhaps server somewhere in the case of WebAssembly) would be a big improvement in the default usability of it out of the box.

Also, hopefully you don’t mind, I will feature this series a bit prominently in the zigmonthly September article as I think a lot of people outside the Zig community want to know more about Zig’s approach to Unicode and don’t yet know about Ziglyph.

P.S. small typo in last paragraph: “Ziglhph”

Awesome work!

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Thanks @slimsag for the feedback, recommendation, and typo catch. Honored to be featured in zigmonthly!