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Setting up Vscode for C development


It seems pretty straight forward to setup vscode for zig development however can someone put me on the right path, pun intended lol, for using the Zig toolchain for pure C development in vscode.

In particular the correct setting for "C_Cpp.default.compilerPath": on a windows installation of Zig and any other required settings to build, run and debug pure c programs.

Many thanks!

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Loris Cro • Edited

Hi, Zig NEWS is meant to be used as a blogging platform, not as a forum.

You will have much better chances to find an answer to your question on ziggit.dev or discord.gg/zig

Once you do find an answer to your question, if you don't have a personal blog, maybe consider posting here an article about how to setup VSCode for C development with Zig!