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Who can tell me how to read array positions using enum

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I'm newbie, Write long conversion code each time.
What's the best way to do it?

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Loris Cro

Hi @pixeller, Zig NEWS is a blogging platform not meant to be used like a forum (although I know that other Forem instances, like dev.to, do allow this kind of usage). In the future I would recommend you check out one of the other Zig communities for help.

In particular checkout https{//ziggit.dev if you want a forum and discord.gg/zig if you want real-time chat (#zig-help in there is very active).

For this specific question you might be interested in std.EnumArray.

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const n: u32 = @intCast(@intFromEnum(k) & 511);
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Uh, okay.
I've solved it, Thank you.