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Test, test, are we live?

Welcome to Zig NEWS!

This is a self-hosted instance of Forem (the same CMS used by dev.to) managed by yours truly. The idea is that if you want to create written content about Zig, this instance can help you with promoting it without any extra effort on your part.

I strongly believe that having your own blog (aka owning your own content) is largely preferable to giving up the fruit of your work to someone else by posting it on their platform, but I also know that there are a lot of people who maybe wouldn't mind writing about Zig occasionally, but who are also not interested in doing all the work necessary to set up their own thing.
This is what Zig NEWS is for.

Hopefully Zig NEWS can become a fun way of sharing parts of your Zig jurney with other Ziguanas.

Check out the FAQs.

Art credit: DerTee from the Zig SHOWTIME Discord server.

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mbarnaba • Edited

Hello all,

I am Matteo, a scientific and HPC software developer from Italy.

I experimented a lot with zig in the last (rainy) days and this is my impression so far.

c++ is my favorite tool because it let's me be productive without getting too much in my way (sorry Rust, it is me, not you).

After reimplenting a couple of things (thread pools and GPU stuff) I originally wrote in C++ in zig I have to say that I am really impressed: zig really makes C++ look stupid in many ways.
The simplicity (readability) and the power of the language are just amazing.
So far 5 things struck me (in the most positive way possible) the most:

1) defer: one keyword to kill RAII, non copy types, move semantics, implicit deep copy, disengaged state, the rules of 1/5/7 and other nonsense that c++ had to make to repair RAII

2) comptime: just fantastic!! After years of C++ templates this feature is just refreshing and beatiful.
I learnt the zig language just by reading std, so nice.

3) C: zig uses C way better that C does :P

4) the fact that pointers to structs are automatically dereferenced when you access a field is just great, thank you for that as well.

5) errors: just great, just like comptime it is a refreshing, beatiful and sane way to do things.

bonus) the overal mindset is just great: simple and well written tools you combine to build what you need. Without to much abstraction and hiding (as if developers were dummies).

Overall I have to say that the language is just great and I think it is great replacement for C and C++ as well. Great job!!

Sorry for the long message.

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Loris Cro


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Paul Watts

Hi everyone and greetings from Australia.

I'm very new to Zig but not to C.

Looking forward to learning and sharing with the Community here.

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Melroy van den Berg

I'm still allowed to join the community in 2023 right? Never too late!

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Andrii Maliuta

Glad to be here and part of this community!

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Hello All!
Great to discover this place and thanks Loris for creating it!
Coming from a mostly C and Linux background, I'm just in my early stages with Zig. After a heavy period of research I'm finally confident to say this is the first time in.. decades? that I've been excited to jump deep into a new language. Given the pre-1.0 phase its great to have these bits of light and context everyone is sharing here - so thanks to all the contributors! I hope that someday soon I'll be able to help contribute back!

  • Tom
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Ralph Zhang

Hi everyone, it's exciting to join this community. I discover zig around mid 2022 and I love the simplicity and expressivity of zig, that is why I'm here.
I've been making software for 15+ years, it is still one of my favorite hobbies. Really hope contributing to this language and the ecosystem, thanks!

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Chris Boesch

Hello everyone, now I'm also registered.

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Jonghyouk Yun


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Good night from Istanbul,
After hours of Erlang and Rust and Typescript;

I just want one language to rule them all.
God save you Zig

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All your articles belong to us!

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Yigong Liu

Hello everyone, thanks for such a great language to bring back simplicity and clarity to software.

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Howdy everyone!

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Shane Ivers

Hi, everyone :D

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Geoffrey J. Teale

Hey, and welcome to me (eating my own dogfood there ;-) ).

I've been playing around with Zig since November 2021, in a casual sort of way - I like what I see.. I'm 24 years into my professional software engineer career, and I've been a hobbiest a good 12 years longer (since I was 6 in 1983). Zig is filling a hole in my life that many would fill with Rust, but despite some really good ideas in Rust, I just can't stop hating the experience of using it. My day job is a combination of DevX and systems engineer for cloud platforms.

Excited to read more about zig here.