tyoc213 (David L)
tyoc213 (David L)

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The nice path to learn Zig now to EOY?

Im wondering what you guys think would be the best way to to become proficient by EOY?

right now looking at start with https://ziglings.org/

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Ryan Shaw-Harrison

I've been slowly reading through this over the last week or so and I'm finding it to be a really good guide to Zig, I work though the examples and keep the official docs open in a background tab for reference.


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Roman Frołow

I tried ziglings but were too hard after 40 or sth.
So I have tried exercism.org/tracks/zig/ with zighelp.org/ and it helped a lot.

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Gonzalo Diethelm

Pick a year, do that year's Advent of Code in zig. Repeat. Profit!